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Shenzhen Xinguofeng supermarket supplies CO.,Ltd was established in 2003.After 20 years of development, it has become one of the largest supermarket products manufacturers in the world,The company is recognized as one of the industry’s pioneers and has achieved certification of the CE, ISO9001 International Quality Standard the ISO for its Environmental Management System.

Company profile

  • Sam's

    Xinguofeng and Sam's are good partner all the time. We help each other. Work together for win-win outcomes since 2006 years

  • Wal-Mart

    Xinguofeng is the Wal-Mart's most robust cooperation partner and nothing can stand in the way of continuing.We have been cooperation for 17 years

  • RainBow

    Xinguofeng and Rainbow vowed to strengthen pragmatic cooperation in display racks.price tag and fruit display stand. We are agreed to expand our business

  • Seven-eleven

    Xinguofeng alway supply Seven-eleven with the price tags and dispay racks. Seven-eleven is our reliable and importand partner.

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Supermarket pusher

We have various of supermarket pushers, Such as metal, plastic, clear, a lot of sizes, The length from 10cm to 60cm. Welcome to customization

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Foretaste stand

Most people want to test food. But if just a simple box. It cannot meet our need. But our product is multifunction, Not only for tesing and with Garbage can and Toothpick box

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Candy box

Candy box, gravity acrylic bin large storage clamshell-type good quality barrel, Transparent clear material

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Grass divider

We can customize different divider for separating your commodity

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Supermarket shelf

Welcome to customization different shelves for your supermarket. We can make different color ,shape or type

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Price tags

We have Wood, Plastic, PP ,PE, PET ,PC material price tags. Professional in making price tags

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  • Letters patent

  • Quality management system certification certificate

  • Patent for invention

  • High-integrity enterprise AAA